Learn How to Create Miracles

In this excerpt from "The Power of Miracle Thinking," you will get a first hand glimpse of how to create a miracle in the health of your body…



“Imagine an Infinite Laser shaped like a pencil eraser, going back and forth, and erasing anything that shouldn't be around a particular organ.” – Norm Mosher

Blizzards in Connecticut are not the best time to be driving around a lake, however, Norm Mosher had important business to attend to. So, while most drivers were at home waiting for the violent snowstorm to subside, Norm had packed up his old Volvo and headed out. The visibility was so low, though, that there were hardly any vehicles on the road.

While rounding a corner, a patch of ice sent the Volvo barreling into the oncoming lane. At that exact moment, a truck came along and slammed head-on into Norm's vehicle. The truck then pushed the Volvo back about thirty feet before the trucker could bring his bulky machine to a stop. Horrified, the driver jumped out of the truck and raced over to the smashed up Volvo, the front of which was now about the size of a 12" Subway sandwich.

Much to his surprise, Norm was alive, although he was badly wounded and in shock. Still, Norm somehow had the sense to reach into the back seat of his car and gather the various items he might need to have with him while in the hospital. Then, while waiting for the ambulance to arrive, he applied the emergency training procedures he’d learned as a whitewater river guide in Maine, and scanned his body from head to toe to take count of his situation.

On the way to the hospital, one of the ambulance crew asked if he "wanted a blankie." and he responded in a child's voice, "Uh huh, and a teddy bear, too." The whole ambulance laughed, including Norm.
"You're not taking this very seriously," they reprimanded. "If I take it seriously, it's gonna start hurting," came Norm's response.

As it turned out, a seatbelt, turtleneck, cable-knit sweater, and a thick leather jacket had not been enough to prevent the cracking of numerous ribs. His nose and one of his knees were broken, and his face had swollen to the size of a balloon. Meanwhile, numerous bleeding gashes outlined the top of his right eye and forehead.
Norm informed the Emergency Room doctor and nurses that he intended to go home after they finished taking x-rays and bandaging him up. Although the doctor strongly disapproved due to the state of his condition, he replied, "That's nice. I'm leaving anyway. I'll heal faster."

When his father came to pick him up, Norm hobbled out on his crutches to his father's car. His father then drove him back to his house where he remained positioned in a lounge chair for three days. He even had to sleep in the recliner because of his cracked knee. Since he couldn't get around, he decided to spend his time doing everything he could within his own power to heal himself. Of special concern were the three massive slices above his eyes, and the scarring that could result. So, he spent one to two hours at a time imagining that his cuts were healing.

"I remember visualizing that I was closing the gashes, just knowing that I would be able to heal them as quickly as I could focus on them," says Norm. "I started seeing them like a zipper closing right up. Then I'd look in the mirror at the side of my face that had no slices in it. I wanted to have a clear picture of what it would look like completely healed. I also declared, "I want no scarring."

Four days later, his friends were amazed. The gashes were gone. No scarring had occurred. They asked him "Did you WILL yourself to heal?" And he responded, "Yup!"


• As a Miracle Thinker, Norm declares: "The body is an amazing thing. It heals really quickly. If you want to heal yourself or others, don't see them as sick. See them as healthy. When you get a clear vision of what it is you want, that gives the universe something to aim for. The universe likes a good target."

• “Imagine an Infinite Laser shaped like a pencil eraser, going back and forth, and erasing anything that shouldn't be in, on, or around a particular organ. Then feel another healthy part of your body and say to the part you're healing, 'I want you to feel like this.' Or imagine a Giant Hand filled with light. As this Hand passes through your body, it has a net that grabs the things that are vibrationally wrong for you. See this Giant Hand taking these things away, moving them out of your body, and leaving only the pure "YOU" in its place." (Once any negative aspects are removed, fill the newly-healed parts with gold or white light).

• Miracle Thinkers also understand the value of humor to get through difficult moments. "It didn't really hit me until the next day. That's when I felt like I had been hit by a truck," says Norm who acknowledges that when the going gets rough, he gets humorous. "Laughter can take your mind off of pain or fear."

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