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'Miracle Thinking' the book by Author Randy Peyser
The POWER of Miracle Thinking by Randy Peyser. Buy it today!

A fire, which consumed 600,000 acres, swept across Ronnie Chittim's property in Southern Oregon. While everything in every direction burned to the ground, Ronnie's home remained untouched.

The doctors had given Steven Walters 24 hours to live. Ten years later, he still shows no sign of leukemia.

Professional speaker, Kathleen Ronald, makes no sales calls to attract new clients, yet ever since she began her business, her phone has been ringing off the hook, and she speaks before thousands of people every year.

Each of these people has quite a different story, yet they all had one thing in common - each was looking for a miracle, and each received it...

While everyone goes through tough times, clearly some people achieve great success or prevail in spite of the overwhelming difficulties that surface in their lives. Why? Obviously, people like Steven, Ronnie and Kathleen did something that enabled them to open a doorway, as if by magic, to move them toward their goals. Randy calls people like Steven, Ronnie and Kathleen, "Miracle Thinkers."

The Power of Miracle Thinking is a book for people who want to produce results, from an increase in money or clients, to finding one's soul mate, to healing a physical ailment, to overcoming an obstacle, to achieving greater joy and ease, to creating one's dream and more.

After interviewing close to 40 people whom she identified as "Miracle Thinkers," Randy observed attitudes, patterns of thought, and behaviors that these people seemed to have in common. She tells their stories and follows each story with 3 Miracle Thinking Tips so you can create miracles too!

"The Power of Miracle Thinking, is tremendous and uplifting! A wonderful gift to the world. Lovely graphics and promo on it, too. I do appreciate the beauty of all you do." -- Kathy DeSantis, Book Reviewer, Awareness Magazine, Southern California

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